quinta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2008

Don't wanna wake up alone anymore

Mais um da série "não fui eu que escrevi, mas bem poderia ter sido". Salvo as partes mais melosas, que fique claro!

I'm not looking for someone to talk to,
I've got my friends,
I'm more than OK,
I've got more than a girl could wish for,
I live my dream,
But it's not all they say.

I've often wondered if loves an illusion,
Just to get you through,
the loneliest days,
I can't criticize it,
I had no expectation,
My imagination just stole me away

Love's for a lifetime,
Not for a moment,
So how could I throw it away?
Yea, but I'm only human,
And nights were colder,
With no one to love me that way.

Still I believe
I'm missing something real.
I need someone who really sees me

Don't wanna wake up alone anymore,
Still believing you'll walk through my door,
All I need is to know it's for sure,
That I'll give
All the love in the world.

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